Staying Healthy with Bimuno Immunaid + GIVEAWAY

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

I'm on a bit of a summer health kick so when I was contacted by Bimuno to review Bimuo Immunaid I couldn't wait to try it out. As we all know, healthy is not just about looking good in a bikini (although that is a nice benefit) but starts with being healthy on the inside - while gut health doesn't exactly sound glamorous so many health issues are linked to our gut and so can be improved by taking better care of it. The phrase "listen to your gut" really does have some truth behind it - this article by nutritionist Amelia Freer is a great starting point.

Bimuno prebiotics are different to the other probiotic supplements, drinks and yogurts on the market as they don't contain any bacteria but instead contain a carbohydrate which "feeds" the good bacteria in the gut, helping them to thrive and support our digestive systems and give a much needed immune system boost when life is hectic (they also contain vitamin C). Eating foods rich in prebiotics can help but when you're busy this isn't always possible (and sauerkraut may not be to everyone's tastes!).

I've found Bimuno really easy to incorporate into my day - I just take two tablets after breakfast and unlike yogurts or drinks they're really easy to throw into my bag on days when breakfast is more like desk-fast and would be great for taking on my travels too. The tablets taste sweet but have no discernible flavour - definitely better than sauerkraut! The benefits from taking Bimuno can be felt in as little as seven days - my tummy has definitely been feeling happier!

I have a month's supply of Bimuno Immunaid to give away to one reader - just fill in the form below!

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Have you tried Bimuno?

June Round-Up

Summer is here, finally! I'm currently rejoicing at having packed away the black opaque tights until October and planning summertime adventures (as well as leaving time for spontaneity) because the days just feel so much longer and even with adult life not stopping for a summer break (if only) there's something about this time of year that just makes me happy.

1. Mummy Lipstick and I saw Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett perform at the Royal Albert Hall. As always, she looked awesome.

2. Breakfast in the sun at one of my favourite, The Modern Pantry. Buckwheat granola with almond milk.

3. June saw me say goodbye to an impacted wisdom tooth so obviously the night before surgery was a sushi party! It was actually far less horrific than Dr Google had me believe and I felt pretty much back to normal after a few days of taking it easy (season three of Orange could not have come at a better time).

4. Making banana ice cream (2 frozen bananas blended with a teaspoon of peanut butter) to make up for not being able to chew anything. I also made a chocolate version of this with a teaspoon of cacao but this someone looked less photogenic.

5. The tooth fairy bought me this golden pineapple candle (I used to get £1 for my baby teeth but inflation since then and the fact that a wisdom tooth is HUGE merited this). I believe the tooth fairy got it from M&S but this one is great, too.

6. Green smoothie. All hail the NutriBullet for still making veggie consumption possible when being unable to chew.

7. BST at Hyde Park for those festival vibes but still being able to go home and shower. Blur were awesome and shouting PARKLIFE while in Hyde Park was definitely a 2015 peak.

8. Sneaky gin in jam jar cocktail at BST before the heavens opened.

9. The Carsen Holler Decision exhibition at the Hayward Gallery is definitely worth a visit. I was disappointed in how many of the exhibits were interactive (resulting in massive queues) but its a fun exhibition and entering it through a pitch black winding tunnel and exiting via these slides made it worth the entry price.

10. Pink peppery smoothie using Florette peppery crispy leaves, a frozen banana, 5 frozen strawberries and almond milk as part of their #SaladSecrets campaign.

11. Making friendship bracelets to distract myself from not being able to chew.

12. Spinach and mint hummus dip - just a can of chickpeas, lemon juice, tahini, olive oil, a big handful of spinach and a few mint leaves blended in the NutriBullet - yum!

13. Whitecross Street Market in the sunshine and a bibimbap wrap from Bubble Wrap with a hazelnut milk matcha boba. Beats a sad desk lunch anyway and yay for being able to chew again!

14. Celebrating marriage equality with soap - super glittery and all for a good cause as part of Lush's All Out campaign. The bars are £4 each and smell amazing.

15. Caribbean veggie street food at Duke of York Square - lentil burger and all the colourful salads.

16. Meeting up with a group of bloggers over vegan tarts and tea at InSpiral in Camden made for a lovely Saturday afternoon. I always get super nervous at the idea of meeting new people but bloggers are always so easy to chat with and its so nice to actually meet in real life and not just in our little internet world!

Also this month:

- brunch at The Modern Pantry and Tart's Kitchen in one weekend? Yes please.
- I spent a weekend in beautiful Lisbon.
- There's still time to catch the Lights of Soho: City Lights exhibition.
- I'm running the Blackheath Race For Life 10k on Sunday, eek!
- Wimbledon has started and I blogged about a healthy tennis treat!

How was your June?

Working It - Lomax, Chelsea

Monday, 29 June 2015

If you watch Made In Chelsea (I don't) then you might have seen the characters (/cast?) training at Lomax Chelsea. I actually first heard of it reading Steph's blog and got myself signed up for a free trial of their Cycle Blast class. I love how much the fitness industry in London has changed recently - a standard gym membership seems a bit dull when you can class hop around different studios and do a spin class here, a hot yoga class there. It definitely allows for a bit more flexibility, especially if, like me, you'd rather spend the warmer months exercising outdoors than in a sweaty gym.

Lomax is on the Fulham Road and is a small but bright studio packing a lot in. Lomax offers group classes (from intense Blast classes to Pilates), personal training, nutrition advice and has a small but perfectly formed cafe and chill out space. The changing rooms are awesome with private shower rooms laden with Ren toiletries and complimentary towels. I did a Cycle Blast class which was an intense 45 minutes in the underground cycle studio. The class was fast paced but the soundtrack and instructor were awesome so the time flew by  - unlike my usual spin class a few tracks incorporated arm weights which added a new element of challenge (the weights were only 2.5kg but for someone who never uses free weights this felt quite heavy!). Be warned - it does get very sweaty but thank goodness for the complimentary water, it was needed!

The Grill Market cafe provided the perfect post-class (and post-shower!) refuel. I opted for a green protein smoothie but was very tempted by the protein pancakes. The lunch options looked great too and it makes a nice change from my old gym which had a vending machine containing crisps and fizzy drinks in the entrance. The range of juices, nut butters and healthy baked goods means that if I lived more locally I'd definitely be popping in often.

Lomax Chelsea Review
Gym #OOTD - New Balance leggings, Forever 21 top. I bought so much gym kit in the US where it was all super cheap!
Lomax Chelsea Review
The upstairs space features gym equipment and a small studio for classes.
Lomax Chelsea Review
Imbibery cold pressed juices and a paleo Scotch eggs. 
Lomax Chelsea Review
The underground spin studio.
Lomax Chelsea Review
Great post-class food options in the Grill Market cafe.
Lomax Chelsea Review
My ombre green protein shake.

What's your favourite workout?

Smartsun - Staying Safe In The Sun

Friday, 26 June 2015

As a self-confessed "summer person" I couldn't be happier that sunny days are finally here. My mood is always so much better in the summer and I love getting outdoors to exercise and get my vitamin D fix. Despite the positive effects of sunshine, the sun can be really harmful to our skin causing burning, wrinkles and skin cancer. Even if you're not getting away this summer, it's still important to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun.  Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the UK with over 2,000 people dying from it every year - despite the fact that we think we live in a country where its constantly grey and rainy.

To help us enjoy the sun safely, Smartsun have developed UV indicator wristbands to alert you to when its time to top-up the sunscreen or if you should avoid the sun for the rest of the day. The wristband starts of yellow and will turn beige when its time to re-apply sunscreen and pink when its time to stay out of the sun.

smartsun uv band review

I think these are a great idea for festivals when its easy to forget to top up the sun protection or days on the beach when you want to safely catch some rays without harming your skin. I'm one of those people who is fastidious about applying suncream in the morning but I often forget to re-apply it throughout the day so hopefully these bands will remind me to do so. I wore mine to see Blur at BST last week and due to the torrential downpour it didn't change colour but keep an eye on my Instagram and I'll be sure to post a colour-changed one once I've been out and about in the sun a bit more!

The wristbands are available here in a pack of 5.


#SaladSecrets with Florette

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Those of you who follow me on Instagram will have seen the delightfully instagrammable venue in which Florette held their #SaladSecrets event. After being greeted with a kale-tail (a cocktail containing kale, duh) we were treated to a salad making demo by the girls from Lunch Bxd and a talk on the health benefits of salad by The Lean Machines (while trying not to be distracted by taking a sneaky peak at their Instagram account...).

Then it was on to the food. Salad definitely isn't a bland diet food -we sampled a quinoa veggie tagine, a ceasar salad and a  peppercress and lime cheesecake. With summer and lighter evenings here, salads are a perfect quick and easy lunch or dinner. The key is to make them colourful and varied and the Florette leaves are a great base to get creative with (and a huge time saver).

Florette Salad Recipe
The healthiest cocktail I've ever had.
Florette Salad Recipe
The conservatory at Bourne and Hollingsworth buildings was the perfect setting for a salad event - look at all that greenery!
Florette Salad Recipe
Super yummy quinoa tagine.
Florette Salad Recipe
A classic caesar salad.
Florette Salad Recipe
Peppercress and lime cheesecake - a very decadent way to eat salad ingredients!
With Wimbledon coming up this month, I've created a tennis-inspired salad for some mid-match munching. We all know that Wimbledon means Pimms but while it's fruit-packed its not exactly healthy... Here is my Pimms-inspired salad for a healthy, tasty tennis treat- glass of Pimms on the side optional!

Florette Salad Recipe

Florette Salad Recipe

So easy to make and it tastes so summery:

1. Arrange Florette Peppery Crispy leaves on a plate. The peppery leaves tone down the sweet strawberries and are the perfect texture and flavour contrast (the key to an interesting and satisfying salad).

2. Halve and de-seed half a cucumber, halve or quarter your strawberries and tear up some mint leaves - scatter on top of the salad leaves.

3. Dress with balsamic vinegar to off-set the sweet strawberries and you're ready to get back to the tennis watching!

What's your favourite salad?

Wimbledon - And Working Off Those Tennis Treats

Monday, 22 June 2015

Wimbledon fortnight starts next Monday and I couldn't be more excited. As a teenager, I used to dread the two weeks of tennis as it meant that Neighbours was cancelled in favour of a "boring" sport  but now I love everything about the tournament - I actually (sort of ) understand the rules now and the white outfits, the queuing etiquette and, the best bit, the strawberries and Pimms are just so British.

I was lucky enough to go in 2010 (possibly the only British event I've been to where it hasn't rained - it was crazily hot!) and this year I'm planning on catching as much as possible at One New Change as  part of the Great British Summer season - as tempting as it would be to skip work to queue for the day it would be a little awkward if, like last time, I popped up on the BBC in the crowd.

Whether you're at Wimbledon or watching on the sofa, you're going to need snacks - some of the matches (correct word, yes?) can go on for hours and watching other people exercise is exhausting. Central London Apartments have put together this infographic showing how many minutes of tennis it would take to burn off those strawberries and cream:


Make mine a G&T, please! And if the idea of playing any sort of sport is not your thing then, worry not, check back soon for a guilt-free Wimbledon-inspired dish.

Are you a Wimbledon fan?

A Weekend In Lisbon

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Two weekends ago, I was playing in a football tournament in Lisbon. Reading that back, I still can't quite believe it either. Having not played team sports for at least ten years (and by "played" I mean doing everything I could possibly do to actively participate as little as possible) I never thought I'd find myself on a football pitch in Portugal in 33 degree heat actually, kind of, playing football. I still need a lot of practice when it comes to my ball skills but in terms of an awesome weekend and stepping way out of my comfort zone this certainly did the trick! Even while packing my bags to go I was terrified - despite running a marathon I still feel totally un-sporty and I hardly knew anyone else going - but all my fears were totally unfounded, I had so much fun despite being a terrible footballer and speaking to new people isn't as terrifying as I'd built it up to be.

Lisbon is quite a small city and while I didn't get a chance to see everything it was a great place to spend a weekend. I'm  actually back in a few weeks for my friend's wedding so can't wait to do some more exploring!

Weekend in Lisbon
The I'd-usually-be-in-the-office-rn holiday smug shot
Weekend in Lisbon
Old fortress on the sea front
After getting an 8.30am flight out of London, by 2pm we were on the beach! So awesome - there's nothing like the sound of the waves and the sun to give your mood a total 180 flip. After only a few hours of beach time I felt like I'd been on holiday for a week. We went to Carcavelos beach which was lovely, not busy and with a few cute beach bars.

Weekend in Lisbon
The view from our dinner spot 
Weekend in Lisbon
Eggs and avocado - football fuel!
Weekend in Lisbon
The Bica Elevator tram - so cute!
On Friday night my teammates and I went for dinner at Santa Bica - we ate outside as the sun went down and feasted on tapas and the most amazing chocolate mousse. Be warned - the streets around here are super steep so maybe leave the heels at home! Like true sportswomen, we popped into a couple of bars to sample the local cocktails although the locals seemed to be outnumbered by British stag-do groups!

Weekend in Lisbon
On the football pitch!

Weekend in Lisbon
The view from our hotel room
Weekend in Lisbon
Sadly no pictures of me in football kit (!) but here's me looking like a non-sweaty girl again!

Weekend in Lisbon
Well deserved post-football treat! I'd never actually tried one of these before but it was good!
Saturday was a packed day of football - it was so hot that even the air was shimmering. After a much-needed shower it was party time at Ministerium in Lisbon's main square where G&Ts and pastel-de-natas were well-earned! The heat was crazy - even at 9pm it was probably hotter than its been in London all summer!

Weekend in Lisbon

Weekend in Lisbon

Sunday and the Mercado Da Ribeira was our first stop for a relaxed day of sightseeing - so many delicious foods under one roof! I picked up a super refreshing green smoothie and am definitely book-marking this spot for my return to the city. After the market we wandered around Bairro Alto and spotted another yellow tram before taking in the amazing views of the sea and the city and then catching the last plane back to London.

Have you visited Lisbon?