A Weekend In Another City - Glasgow

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Last weekend involved another early start, another EasyJet flight and another place to explore. Michelle and I headed up to Glasgow for Glasgow Summer Sessions. Ten minutes before our plane landed the skies turned from clear and sunny to grey and cloudy. Stepping out of the plane felt like stepping into another season. It. Was. Cold.

Luckily the weather improved throughout the day and by the time David Guetta played his headline set it was slightly warmer - a caprinaha might have helped, as did seeing my picture on the big screen as part of the Bose #ListenForYourself campaign. On Sunday we explored the city, trying to stay indoors as much as possible! Michelle, Tommy and I explored the modern art gallery which with free entry and four different exhibitions was the perfect cultural antidote to the festival the day before.

Despite the weather I had a super time - it always feels like a much longer weekend doing something completely different and this was only my second trip to Scotland. The people were warm enough to make up for the awful weather - strangers helped us find our way around when we were looking a little lost and a Scottish couple at the gig taught me that "aye" means "yes"! I didn't fancy any haggis at the hotel breakfast buffet but it was good to have another taste of Scotland - I'll bring an extra jumper next time!

Scottish vending machine! Irn Bru is everywhere - I would have tried some if it wasn't so cold but the bright orange colour does scare me a little (southern wimp, I know).
A hotel room bigger than my flat (not difficult). We stayed at the Thistle which was perfectly located i.e. practically next door to the M&S food hall.
Saturday mirror selfie with Mish hanging out in the background! Thank goodness for M&S kids' section for my waterproof!

Windswept selfie!

Windswept Selfie take 2.
David Guetta on the stage.
Sunday mirror selfie - Oasis dress, New Look leggings, Primark socks.

The city was still decorated for the Commonwealth Games - loved these signs,


GoMA was the perfect indoor destination for Sunday morning.

Couldn't resist.

Such a beautiful use of an old building.
We were mesmirised by this piece of art - a cardboard city comprised only of churches. The artist spend eight hours a day for five months to make this. That's dedication.
Warming up with a macha bubble tea.

Good-bye, Glasgow!

Jersey Eats

Sunday, 17 August 2014

The food in Jersey was one of the highlights - nothing better than al fresco eating with friends. Jersey is famous for seafood and we definitely took advantage of this - Saturday lunchtime at Faulkner Fisheries was such a simple but amazing meal, barbequed sea food with baguette and salad overlooking the sea.

On Sunday we visited Crab Shack for (duh) crab - crab bruscetta and crab bisque with a side of truffle chips. Sunday afternoon was spent over afternoon tea at the Radisson Blu overlooking Elizabeth Harbour. For £12.95 we got a tower of tea each - the giant scone was my favourite.

For a small island Jersey has so many great restaurants and food to try - definitely a reason to book another visit? 

A Weekend Out of the City - Jersey

Friday, 15 August 2014

Last weekend I crammed my belongings into the smallest bag that they would fit in, left my flat before sunrise and headed off for a weekend in Jersey. It was my first visit to the island and I did get some responses in the "why?!" category when I told people where I was off to - Jersey hardly has a reputation as a wild party island and my friends and I were definitely the youngest group of tourists I saw but it was a lovely weekend - sunny and beautiful and a well-needed break from the busy city.

On the first day we visited a lavender farm which was lovely despite my dislike of lavender perfume! The farm was beautiful and we had a chance to sample lavender fudge and hear a talk on how the flowers are converted to perfume, bath and culinary products. From the farm it was off for a drive to the lighthouse, a pit stop for lunch and then to our base for the weekend - the super quaint Revere Hotel. I had my first outdoor swim of the summer which was a better wake up than my usual afternoon Starbucks and then it was time for dinner in St Helier and an early night - turned out that all the fresh air was rather exhausting.

Sunday morning I headed out early for a run around the harbour - I love running in new places, especially when its by the sea. After breakfast we headed to St Michael's Glass Church and St Brelade's bay for a walk along the beach - the palm trees and French street names make Jersey feel far from home when its only a 45 minute flight! Finally we visited Gorey's castle and sat on the seafront staring out to sea and feeling the wind in our hair (the tangles the next day were well worth it).

Jersey was a great place for a weekend "off" from city life. The flight is super quick and there is so much to explore on the island. We hired a car to get around and everything is so close that our longest drive was only 20 minutes - I'd definitely recommend doing that if you visit, it worked out cheaper than getting taxis.

Have you visited Jersey?

City By The Sea

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

There's something so lovely about being by the sea. It's easy to forget that Barcelona is on the coast - there's so much to do in the city itself. Hannah and I took a trip up the cable car to Castell de Montjuic for the view and (almost) fifty shades of blue in the sea and the sky. I matched my outfit appropriately.

Bambi Top - Primark kids' section, Denim Jacket - Forever 21, Skirt - Topshop ,Bag - Longchamp, Sandals - New Look
It rained later in the day and the blue turned to grey but only for a few hours.

Have you seen the sea this summer?

Such A Beautiful Horizon

Sunday, 10 August 2014

It's not even the middle of August and yet I'm already feeling nostalgic about Summer 2014. It's definitely one that I'll never forget and it's not even over yet. These pictures were taken what feels like an age ago but it was only the end of May, in a slightly overcast but still beautiful Barcelona:

Dress: Topshop, Shorts: American Apparel, Sunglasses: Primark, Plimsoles: Dorothy Perkins
Sometimes you feel like a proper adult (actually I only ever feel like a proper adult when hailing a taxi) and other times you look at pictures of yourself and don't look any different than you did when you were seven years old. Time, memory and our perception of ourselves is a funny thing.

Thanks to Hannah for the photographs. 

Where have your travels taken you to this summer?

Feeling Good with Go Ahead

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Last week Sophie and I headed to Cannon Bridge Roof Gardens for an evening of feel good fun. The sun was shining and London looked beautiful in the evening light - I'll never get bored of this city and seeing it from a different perspective makes me fall in love with it all over again. Views aside, Go Ahead had put on some fun activities to enhance the feel good vibes. We tried melon bowling, walking barefoot through grapes and (the best part) an ever-replenishing edible table.

Sophie and I chilling in a tent. Like a sunny, clean version of Glastonbury.
The grape walk. As a heel-wearing, I will take advantage of any opportunity to go bare foot.
Melon bowling: harder than it looks.
Lemons and pineapples - made to taste supersweet with miracle berry tastebud-altering tablets.
Almost too pretty to eat - fruit shaped cake which tasted of the fruit it resembled.
The edible table - flowers, fruit and cake - yum!
Again, almost too pretty to eat.
Watching the sunset over the city. Trying to ingrain these moments in my mind for when its cold and grey and miserable.
I left with a lot of Go-Ahead bars to snack on and some rather snazzy pineapple sunglasses which have been shown off on Instagram.

What are you #FeelGood pleasures? (that sounds more naughty than it's meant to, I promise)